Vintage Bridal Shower Invitations

Do you have the perfect idea for the shower? Does the bride-to-be love vintage style? Then you’ve some to the right page! These invitations will make you think that you’ve stepped into another time, where the styles and tastes were more refined and a shower meant afternoon tea and cake.

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Many Different Paper Types

Choosing the right invitation doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact all of the invitations you see on this page can be printed on a variety of paper types that make it affordable to get the design you want at a price you can afford.

There are currently ten* different types of paper to choose from.

The papers types that are currently available are:

  • Basic
  • Environmental
  • Felt
  • Recycled
  • Metallic
  • Linen
  • Delicate
  • Columned
  • Laid
  • Grooved

To get a better idea what each of these types of paper looks like simple click on the invitation. You’ll be able to change the style while you’re editing to get an idea of how the paper will look when it is printed.

*Availability and selection can change without notice.

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Throwing a big shower?

If you have a large guest list you will be happy to know that you’ll be eligible for a bulk discount. The more invitations you order the less you pay per invitation. Bulk discount rates begin at orders of 25 and they only get better from there.

Depending on the number of cards you’ll need you can save up to 50% per card!

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vintage-bridal-invitation-s028 vintage-bridal-invitation-s027 vintage-bridal-invitation-s026 vintage-bridal-invitation-s025

vintage-bridal-invitation-s037 vintage-bridal-invitation-s030

vintage-bridal-invitation-s022 vintage-bridal-invitation-s017

vintage-bridal-invitation-s021 vintage-bridal-invitation-s020

vintage-bridal-invitation-s023Having a couples shower?

These non-traditional types of showers are becoming more common. If you’ve been asked to throw a party for the couple-to-be we’ve collected a number of different styles that will suit your needs. For example this invitation is a perfect example of a vintage themed invitation you could send out when you host a couple shower.

Every year more and more couples celebrating their impending union with such celebrations. One benefit of this type of celebration is it allows the groom to get to know the bride’s friends and family better. Many people prefer this over the more traditional method of only inviting the bride and groom’s mother, sisters, aunts and friends.

vintage-bridal-invitation-s024 vintage-bridal-invitation-s016

vintage-bridal-invitation-s036 vintage-bridal-invitation-s035 vintage-bridal-invitation-s034 vintage-bridal-invitation-s033

vintage-bridal-invitation-s015 vintage-bridal-invitation-s013

vintage-bridal-invitation-s032 vintage-bridal-invitation-s031 vintage-bridal-invitation-s019 vintage-bridal-invitation-s018
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When it comes to picking out a vintage bridal shower invitations you need to look at the type of party you’ll be hosting. If it is really vintage, that is to say Jane Austen vintage, then you might want to choose something a little more elegant. On the other hand you can just as easily be throwing a fun 50’s style vintage party. If that is what you’re going for then we propose the invitations with the retro artwork from that era.

One reason why this page has so much selection is because of the subject. Vintage covers many different time periods and means different things to different people. From something classic to more current designs this page if filled with some of the best examples we could find.