Country Bridal Shower Invitations

Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-57For many the thought of country life has a romantic feel, and this is for good reason. Country life has a simplicity (a stereotype I know) that city life lacks in many ways. The romanticized ideals that we hold for the country make a wonderful theme for invitations. Because of this I feel that the invitations found on this page offer some of the most unique and fun designs. This collection of country style invitations has been hand selected for their charm and beauty.

Mason Jar Themed Invitations

If you are like me mason jars were a part of your childhood. Even though I am one generation removed from the farm my mother still enjoyed (still does) canning the produce she got from her garden. She was one of the few people in our neighborhood that made the effort to garden. Still that didn’t stop her from sharing the fruits of her labor with our friends and neighbors.

Drinking juice from the unused jars was a favorite pastime for me when I was growing up. And even now I’ve been known to drink a glass of chilled tea on a warm summer day our of one of my mason jars (albeit purchased only for that purpose).

Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-56 Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-68

All styles shown here are designed to be easily customizable. You don’t need much more than the date to get your to set up your own invites!

Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-24 Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-43 Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-34 Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-37

Did you find the invitation you wanted? Keep scrolling, this collection doesn’t promise to have something for everyone but we feel we’ve gotten close!

When you see an style that interest you simply click on it to begin editing it directly on your screen with no obligations. It is updated as you type so you can decide if you really want a mason jar styled invite or something else entirely.

Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-53 Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-63

One thing that makes shopping for the perfect invitation is that there are so many options. And since everything is easily customized you can pick a paper that fits almost any budget.

Paper Types

  • Basic – A crisp smooth paper with a matte finish
  • Felt – This is a buff-toned paper has the feel of a fine art paper
  • Recycled – This 100% recycled paper has a smooth matte finish
  • Metallic – A smooth shimmering paper, it has a very distinctive tint
  • Linen – A wonderful paper that has the texture of embossed lines
  • Laid – Made to look the the hand-made paper this style has a laid watermark and matte finish
  • Columned – Matte, this paper has a columned structure

Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-25 Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-42

Rustic Bridal Shower Invitations


This has to be my absolute favorite country themed bridal shower invitation. Click on the image to get see a larger version of this invitation.

I am really pleased how large the assortment of country themed invitations has gotten. In the beginning there were only a handful of options to choose from. As time progressed that number grew considerably, and we were able to find more designs that we felt fit well together. Today we’re happy to say the collection covers many different tastes and color schemes.

What differentiates these country themed shower invites from the equivalent rustic country wedding invitations? The fun and relaxed nature. And what I mean from that is that there is a different atmosphere at a shower, a wedding, even if it is going to be a country wedding is still a wedding. A country themed bridal shower offers a fun way to prepare for the big day without stressing over the details. And that is why they are the right fit for almost every wedding. Just look at all of these gorgeous country invitations, their attention to detail and creative touch makes them a must.

And the next set brings all of these traits to full bloom.

Invitations with Flowers

Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-64 Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-62

I find that the simple flowers in these two examples really add to the design without distracting from the guest of honors. It must be due to the nature of these flowers (daises and sunflowers), they are often considered plain or “quaint.” They aren’t demanding like roses or as elegant as lilies but they are beautiful nonetheless.

For those of you that have had the pleasure of playing with sunflowers as a child these designs will surely speak to you.

Burlap Invitations

Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-61 Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-27

There is something about these two (above) that capture the elegance and beauty of farm life. My grandmothers home was a tribute to what I associate with rustic farm life. Her lamps sat on small round tables, and between them were small round hand knitted doilies that I can only assume a distant grandmother crocheted some winter evening.

Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-60 Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-52 Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-50

Surprise your friend with these lovely designs.

Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-26 Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-41 Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-36 Bridal-Shower-Invitations-w102-28