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One reason to look forward to a bridal shower is because of all of the fun, often silly, games you’ll be playing. Name another event where the participants have the opportunity to embarrass themselves and yet still have fun.

Bridal shower games are a must for a successful and memorable shower. And here are some prime candidates for your party.

Bridal Shower Games that are Worth Your Time

Like you I have been invited to plenty of dreadfully boring showers. And while the the cliché of girls sitting around passing the time talking, may or may not be founded in fact. Let’s hope that you’re not one of those hostesses who wants to put it to the test. There is nothing more boring than a bridal showers we want more than a dry afternoon sitting around a cup of tea, we want to have fun. And that means we want bridal shower games.

As a hostess it is your job to keep your guests entertained. And here are some great games that will do just that:

  1. Say the Words: This is a fun little game that you play throughout the shower. When each of your shower guests arrive at the party give them a name tag with a common wedding themed word on it. Throughout the day whenever somebody hears the somebody say the word on their name tag that person gets to claim the name tag. At the end of the party the person with the most name tags wins. Here is a quick example of how the game works. Aunt May sees that her rival Aunt June has the word “flower girl” on her name tag. And guess what? Aunt June just said “flower girl”. Keeping with the rules, Aunt May now has the opportunity to claim the name tag.
  2. Honeymoon Ramblings: Want to add a little risqué to the bridal shower? Then you will love this game. And it starts out all so harmless. You’ll see. When a guest arrives give them a piece of paper and a pencil. Now ask them to place the paper on the floor, bend over without bending their knees, and trace their hand. You or another party organizer will need to take notes of what they say. Here are a couple of examples to get your imagination going: “This Hurts!”, “No way, I’m not going down there!”, or “Are you crazy, I’ll never reach that.”. You get the idea. At the end of the day give the note book with the funny expressions to the bride-to-be with the instructions that they should be said to the groom on the wedding night.
  3. Bridal Dress: For this game you will want to divide your guests up into groups of equal numbers preferably. Give each group a roll or two of toilet paper and instruct them to build the prettiest wedding dress they cane. When each group is finished allow the other groups, and bride-to-be to vote on them. The group that collects the most points win.

These are just a couple of the amazing (free) games you can organize for your bridal shower.

The Shoe Game

Here is a cute and memorable game for the newly weds to play. And while it doesn’t lend itself very well to the showers it does work very well (big audience) during the reception.

Depending on the venue that you choose you will need to adjust properly. For example this game works really well on the dance floor or other open areas. To put it simply you will need to be sitting where everyone can see you. Place two chairs in the location you’ve selected and have the newly weds sit with their backs to one another.

Have them take off their shoes exchange and exchange one them. Both should now have one of their shoes and one of their new spouses.

The Fun Part

Now that they are armed with their answers – and that is what they are – have the guests shout out questions. They can range from simple he/she questions to more direct (these usually come from the closest friends and family).

Here is an example of several questions that could come up:

  • Who will be responsible for the cooking/cleaning/lawn/garbage?
  • Who picked out the reception hall?
  • Who is the better dresser?
This invitation fits almost any theme

This invitation fits almost any theme

You get the idea. The questions are targeted at the couple but they aren’t really specific to either of them.

Once a question has been asked it will need to be answered. Now the shoes come into play. Have them hold up whichever shoe they fill best fits the question. In other words who will be fulfilling the role. Hilarity often ensues after this point. This also makes for a lot of cute wedding photos. Have fun.

I think that the game got its name because it often comes down to who will be walking a mile in that shoe. But I may be mistaken.