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Are you in need of answers? Do you need to know what to expect when it comes to hosting a shower?

For the new hostess, the bridal shower may be just about as terrifying as they as the wedding is for the bride. But there isn’t any reason to worry. Things won’t be that bad. At least we have our fingers crossed that they won’t be.

But for a little added help we’ve put this page together for you with some super helpful tips covering the common questions women have when they set out on their journey as hostess.

What to Include on Bridal Shower Invitations

There are a couple of very important pieces of information that you will need to include on your invitations.

Here are the items all bridal shower invitations must contain:

  • If you will be hosting the bridal shower make sure to include your name, email, and phone number. If you are only responsible for picking out the invitations make sure to include the name of the hostess and a number of ways to get in contact with her.
  • The guest of honor’s name. How else will the guest know who to address their card to.
  • The complete address of the venue. On a side note, if the location where the bridal shower is going to be held is difficult to find you can include more complete directions on a secondary piece of paper. It isn’t uncommon for the invitation to include a map in this case.
  • The date for the bridal shower as well as when the shower will be held.
  • Are you going to be hosting a surprise shower? Then make sure that you state this very prominently on the shower invitation. There is nothing more frustrating that having your surprise ruined by a talkative shower guest.
  • If you aren’t responsible for the RSVPs make sure that you include the name and means to contact the person who will be handling them If you are responsible for the RSVP make sure you include that with your name.
  • The date when the RSVP is required.

There are also a couple of pieces of information that are optional, yet a good idea if they relate to your bridal shower plans.

  • Registry information so that the guest have the opportunity to get the right gifts.
  • Color scheme for the future love nest. This may seem abstract but it can make a big difference.
  • Are you hosting a themed bridal shower? Then include a hint on the invitation.

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How Many Guest Attend a Bridal Shower?

Here is a super simple calculation for you to use when it comes to estimating how many guest will be attending the bridal shower.

First, take the number of guests that are invited to the wedding.

Divide the list in half if you will only be hosting a ladies only shower, else use the whole list.

Next since most parties, not excluding bridal showers receive only about 80% of the planned guests multiple 0.8 × total guests.

Here are a couple of examples for you to give you an idea.

Example 1:

Say you are hosting a ladies only bridal shower, i.e. a traditional shower. The wedding guest list has 100 people on it.

0.8 × (100/2) = 40 guests

Example 2:

You will be hosting a coed bridal shower for the bride and groom. There are 150 guests invited to the wedding, which means you will be inviting the same number of people to your bridal shower.

0.8 × 150 = 120 guests

Give it a try for your shower and see how many potential guests will be attending your bridal shower.

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Where are Bridal Showers Hosted?

The shower can be hosted just about anywhere where you can find space. With that said the traditional answer is the hostess’ home. If the maid of honor is unable to host the bridal shower at her home another venue may be selected.

This may a restaurant, pavilion, or just about any other venue you can think of. The only thing that it comes down to is your budget and the feasibility of hosting the bridal shower at your desired location.

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Who is Invited to a Bridal Shower?

Here is an easy question to answer. And not unlike the role of hostess there is an important etiquette question that needs to be answered as well.

The only people that are invited to the bridal shower are the same people invited to the actual wedding. Including people in the bridal shower that are not invited to the wedding is considered a huge faux pass and one that you will certainly want to avoid.

Wait? Everyone that is invited to the wedding? Yes, and no. Unless you are hosting a coed shower you will only need to invite half of the list.

And in relation to budget you can estimate that only roughly 80% of these potential guests will be able to attend. That means if 100 people are invited to the wedding then you can estimate with about 50 potential shower guests. If 80% of them attend you will be hosting a bridal shower with about 40 guests.

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