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Bridal Shower History

Sunflower bridal shower invitation

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Have you ever wondered where this particular tradition began? Like most of the wedding traditions of the world, this one began many years ago. While its true origin will probably never be know what we do know it that it was often arranged for women who were unable to pay the dowry.

While such things like dowry are no longer present in our western culture the tradition remains.

One story recounts the tell of a young Dutch woman who fell in love with a poor farmer’s son. The man’s family while poor was much liked and respected in the community.

In contrast the woman’s family was very wealthy and because of this her father refused to pay the dowry. Without the dowry it would have been very difficult for the couple to marry. And so the father believed he had solved his problem.

Still the young woman continued with her plans and married for love rather than the position she would bring her family through an arranged marriage to somebody “more suitable.” When the villagers heard of her choice the women came together and collected items they would need in in their new life together. It is said that after that the tradition of throwing the bride a shower became common place.

Today bridal showers are celebrated all over the world. The reasons have changed, but the goal is the same, send the bride-to-be off on her new life with the things she’ll need.